About Hakutsuru

Introduction About Hakutsuru

    Hakutsuru, a Majestic winged creation White Crane, has been from time immemorial in East Cultures a symbol of good health, longevity, elegance, but mainly fearlessness.

    The battle spirit of this White Crane did not fear either a tiger or big predator.

His perfectly premeditated movements, defensive techniques, the efficiency of movement, energy use by flight, or how to earn food, have been a significant theme in ancient times for Masters, the founders of the East Martial Arts.

      The White Crane became a symbol  for emergence Legends and Traditions ...

      We hope that Hakutsuru Equipment products will become part of your Karate, sporting and masterful growth…

…just as the once legendary Hakutsuru - White Crane became initially an indisputable part of the Martial arts as well as Karate since the origin. With your Hakutsuru, you are one step ahead on the right path…

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