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Hakutsuru - White Crane is fully governed by European Union Regulation (GDPR) - European Union Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679
and Directive of European Union Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/680 concerning the protection of the processing of

your personal data and Act 18/2018 - Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR), which came into force on
May 25, 2018, we need your consent to the processing of your personal data.
Our main goal is to supply you with the goods you order without any difficulty and in the shortest
possible time.

We need your data to immediately arrange your order, to deliver it correctly and to indicate the
addressee, to contact the customer with the postal service and to inform the customer by sms or by
mail about the processing of the order.

We highly value protection of your personal data and we guarantee our customers that these data
will in no case be given to third parties for their further commercial processing or use, monitoring,
sales analysis, and further processing of your data without your consent and knowledge.
E-shop Hakutsuru equipment in no way requires from its customers such data as day, month and
year of birth, birth number, gender, card number or other similar sensitive data.

From our customers, we only require the necessary data for the expedition of delivered goods and
customer registration for a re-purchase and loyalty program such as: First Name and Surname,
delivery address, telephone and email contact. We guarantee that we will keep these data sensitive,
we will not forward them to third parties for further processing.
Your personal information, such as your name and surname, your shipping address, your telephone
and email contact, will be the only data we will require from you for trouble-free ordering and
recording of your loyalty points.

In case of your request, we will not store your personal information for any possible re-purchase or
loyalty program and immediately delete it after completing the order and will delete your data from
our customer database within 72 hours.

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